About Us

We move with hustle, build with creativity, execute with precision, and deliver with purpose.

Filming the slow-motion lake-jump shot.

Welcome to Threefold

Just what we do

Somewhere within you, your company, your product or your process, lies a hard-working moment.

It’s a moment that’s doing the heavy lifting, embodying the essence of your story. That space, that moment, is where we live.

We seek to discover that part of your story and deliver it with authenticity.

It’s who we are and what we do.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of incredibly talented and creative individuals who play a role in all aspects of the production process. Our end product is cohesive and cutting-edge because our team works collaboratively from beginning to end and we love what we do! We challenge each other to keep perfecting our craft. Work collaboratively. We’re always in pursuit of better. We work because we love it. What we do is a passion. We hire people who love what they do.

About Threefold: Caleb filming over a Los Angeles rooftop.

Company History

We established Threefold in 2013 with a vision to be a full-service commercial video production company based in our hometown of Bismarck, N.D. We’ve been techie nerds since we were kids (ask our mom) and have a passion for documenting authentic moments that bring stories to life. When you’re talking to us about your brand and what drives you and what matters–that’s when we’re rolling.

Our mission is to help brands create compelling, high-end video content that connects with people through captivating imagery and storytelling. In short, we want to make you look awesome, whether you’re a manufacturer aiming to tell a gritty story or a lifestyle brand focused on fashion.

Our work started here in the midwest, and now we’ve worked in 16 states. We like to think our North Dakota roots propel us to other parts of the country. We enjoy challenges and handling the tough jobs. We understand the value of hard work and getting things done right the first time.

Oh yea, that thing we said about being techie nerds? We know our stuff. And we know how to have fun and create an energetic, inviting work environment on a shoot. We’re not your average production company. We partner with people and organizations that are doing important work, and our role is to help them tell their story through inspiring, cinematic filmmaking.

Our Partners

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