May 22, 2019

Cyclorama. More than just a fun word.

What is a Cyclorama?


You may have seen our white Cyclorama wall in our social posts or while visiting our studio. Maybe your thought becomes Why is it necessary to have curved walls and corners?

Well, some would tell you, it’s not necessary to have a Cyc wall.

Take making a sandwich for example: you don’t need to use aged gouda, spicy arugula, or specialty mustard. But we prefer a gourmet experience here at Threefold.

The main purpose of a Cyclorama wall (or infinity wall as it is sometimes referred to) is to suggest unlimited space. For most film studios, space becomes an issue at some point. However, these walls enable us to create visuals that bring the illusion of a much larger space! We wouldn’t want to lead you astray, so our actual studio space dimensions are 27 ft. wide and 17 ft. deep approximately.

All of this space isn’t completely usable however because of the curve of the wall. So, we get creative. (convenient that we love to get creative anyway!)

We build our own sets for all of our studio shoots and find that no two props are the same.

We use flats to create the walls of our environments.


Our (not yet patented) design of these flats has built-in legs that allow these 4ft x 8ft panels to stand on their own and be seamed together to make a larger wall surface. Yet, when the legs are extending out behind the flat, you lose even more of the unlimited space behind it. This effectively pushes the whole scene towards camera and again limits the space in our studio.

So, what can be done to remedy this backstage bummer?

A pipe grid in the ceiling!


We installed this custom studio speed rail grid in early 2019 as a solution to our in-studio ailments. Not only does this save space at the (curved) edges of our studio, but it affords us more versatility when building sets and hanging set pieces.

Before and After

Before, when lighting a set, we had to use extreme rigging to raise lights and diffusion above our set. Often we would end up using all of our stands to simply get lighting and props set up. Then we would lose over 30% of our studio floor because of the footprint of our stand legs. Of course we made it work, but the new speed rail grid in the ceiling makes life much easier.



Below you can see how our main lighting and diffusion is suspended from the ceiling. Lights can be placed exactly where we need them without interfering with any other components. We used a pulley system to gently raise our 8×8 diffusion frame to the desired height.



What does this mean for you?

Well, as one of the only studio spaces in the state we are able to provide a unique location for video production. Our Cyc wall is perfect for interviews, testimonials, product videos, stylized videos, you name it! And we can film here all year round.



So, next time it’s raining or snowing just remember:

Threefold has a Cyclorama and they’re doin’ work!

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