February 20, 2019

Embracing ND. The (Literal) Middle of Everywhere.

Do you know where the middle of North America is?

If you’re thinking North Dakota, then you’re absolutely right!

With North Dakota so close to the northern U.S. border, it almost seems like we’re at the northern-edge of the continent and far away from everywhere, which couldn’t be less true. 

In fact, our central location means that we travel. A lot. 

Oof Da

We love the people here. Even if they sound a little goofy.

Fargo (both the movie, and the show) may have portrayed our accents a little heavily, but it’s definitely real—and the people here are really friendly.

In fact, one of Zach’s favorite things about Bismarck is the people and their support for the creative community in the region.

The Promise Land

Bismarck has its own sort of beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else.

In fact, a fair number of people on our team are transplants!

Zach’s from Mayville. Go May-Port Patriots!

Joel—a Bismarck original—moved away to Tennessee for 10 years of school and work. Inevitably, he and his family moved back here. “If you look to a place to give you the life you want, you’ll always be left wanting,” Joel said. Those are powerful words to live by!

Adam isn’t even from North Dakota. He grew up in a smaller Minnesota town, but fell in love with Bismarck the first time he visited out here during his previous job. Instead of doing film production in Minnesota, Adam believes the 6 hour drive from his hometown is worth it.

We Stand By our motto: Storytellers from the Middle of Everywhere.

We even came up with a nice list of our top-6 reasons we love North Dakota:

  • We take pride in a people built through hard work—nothing comes easy when it’s 40º below zero!
  • ND is the current leading state for millenials and has the nation’s youngest average population. We like everyone, but we’re also proud to add to that statistic.
  • The size of ND (and especially Bismarck) is perfect. We don’t need to worry about commutes or a city that’s too big for us to get anything done.
  • We can easily travel to any other location from here. (That is, if the highways are open!)
  • We’ve got a great beach here (both on the Missouri River, and an ACTUAL town called Beach) during the summertime, and great skiing trails during the winter. We’re also only a short drive from the badlands and Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is another plus.
  • Some of us have family here, but those of us who don’t have been quickly made to feel like family!

We could go on, but these are our favorite reasons for being in the Middle of Everywhere!

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