November 7, 2019


The Show was last weekend,

and it was a great opportunity to celebrate makers across all of North Dakota! The Show was a new, evening event hosted by Makewell to spotlight the world-class makers of the Midwest. Peer-based nominations were accepted this fall, and industry-expert judges made their decision for award-winning categories.

What’s a Makewell, you ask?

Makewell was founded around the need for a local community of makers & dreamers.

It’s a community of over 1,000 makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs around the Midwest, with  a mission to elevate the makers of our local communities so that they can all do what they love, where they love.

We thought this might be a good time to reflect back on some of our work with them in the past, like our Makewell commercial from last year:

So, how’d we do it?

There are a lot of pieces we like to see in ads, and a lot of them start with the same ingredients: great concepts, and executable ideas. The Makewell ad had both of those things.

The center of the shot focused on an individual — a maker — which is the focus of the ad, and of each shot. The set revolves around them, and changes based on what each person creates for a living, whether that’s code, film, photos, food, floral arrangements—you name it!

Each background of the set was carefully selected, and painted to match a color palette pertaining to its own category.

Dozens of props were gathered and painted to create a very stylized representation of different lines of work.

The pegboards that these items rested on were carefully created by Caleb, and dowels and shelves were close behind.

On set, the pegboards were carefully measured and locked into place. Beforehand, we had drawn out instructional maps, showing where each item would go for each maker.

In total, eight different scenes were created to match different categories of makers.

When production day finally came, we had a full day of people reciting their scripts, swapping out set pieces, and getting to know local makers.

And (of course) we remembered to have some fun on shoot day. Our Makewell ad even won a Gold Addy!

The whole Makewell team did a fantastic job with The Show, and we hope to see it back again next year!