March 11, 2019

North Dakota Aerial and Drone Footage in 2019

We’re proud to be drone pilots in North Dakota, and excited for you to experience the best of our drone footage in this 2019 showreel.

Drone Reel: 2019

Drone footage seems to turn heads.

Whether it’s our Winter Frost video, or our complementary aerial work in other videos, we’ve been fortunate to get in the air at just the right time to capture drone footage of a lot of our beautiful landscapes. While most of these scenes feature picturesque locations in North Dakota, we have also captured video from the skies of many other states.

We’re fortunate to have not just one, but two certified and fully licensed sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System/drones, as they’re commonly called) pilots on our team. In fact, almost immediately after part-107 testing became available, Adam and Caleb registered, and passed their drone piloting exams.

Both Adam and Caleb work as a team exclusively, with Adam typically piloting the craft, and Caleb carefully selecting each frame for the camera. This teamwork and coordination allows us to capture the most intricate moments with incredible detail that solo pilots often miss.


Here are a few of our ever-growing stats as a team:


Hours flown together


Miles flown


Missions Flown


Award-Winning Videos with Aerial Footage



We want our drone footage to turn heads in the right direction.

When someone hears or sees a drone in the sky, they are immediately drawn to it. Even though drones are becoming much more common, the sighting of one is still a bit of a novelty. As the number of drone owners increases, so does the chance for one of these quad copters to fall out of the sky. With that being said… drone accidents are almost completely avoidable, and safety always comes first for us.

We’re very careful to fly within the part-107 rules and regulations for aircraft—both Adam and Caleb spend great amounts of time prepping for their flights.

No matter where we’re flying, airspace is checked. Flight paths are planned, and a safe flying environment is created to keep others out of harm’s way. Their teamwork (mentioned before) allows for real-time monitoring of the skies during the entirety of each flight. If a flying object is approaching our drone’s location (ie. small prop plane, bird of prey, plastic bag), they have plenty of time to return to the helipad and land safely.

In addition to our pilots being fully licensed for commercial drone projects, we’re also fully insured. All of this means our work is consistent, high-quality, safe, and very professional.

We’ve captured a lot in our flying history, and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings us.

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