The Pub.

The PUB.

That's short for publication. It's like Threefold's version of a blog, and we've always got something new on tap!
  • Making a Split Screen Ad
    August 29, 2019
    Our brains are used to seeing a single environment at a time in most videos, but we wanted to break barriers to put viewers in two places at once.
  • Are you tired of video advertising?
    July 25, 2019
    You don't have to dread the process of video advertising. Our aim is to nail your brand to the wall in a way that makes you stand out.
  • Cornerstone Bank: a stylized campaign
    July 12, 2019
    Originality ain't easy. That's why we try to keep things #NotGeneric!
  • Threefold Turned Five!
    July 3, 2019
    Threefold just turned 5, and we couldn't be more excited for the years to come!
  • Case Study – Spring 2019
    June 14, 2019
    In an industry where we are creating collections of moving pictures, it can be hard to show our process. So, earlier this year we printed a small spiral bound book we call a case study for anyone to read. But, maybe we haven’t sent you a copy… Or, you haven’t been by our studio lately.
  • Cyclorama. More than just a fun word.
    May 22, 2019
    You may have seen our white Cyclorama wall in our social posts or while visiting our studio. What is it used for, and why do we need one?
  • Come one, come all, to our casting call!
    April 18, 2019
    If you're looking for an acting job in North Dakota, we think we might be able to help you get your start!
  • Q1: 2019. Not your average quarterly report.
    April 5, 2019
    Spirits are up, stocks are up, and we’re grateful that the studio is no longer covered in snow! Quarter 1 of 2019 flew by, and while almost 100 of those days were below-zero, we managed to stay warm and be productive. Here are a few highlights of what we’ve been up to: January: We kicked […]
  • Video is Important: Here’s why
    March 28, 2019
    The research… 80% of users can recall a video ad they viewed in the last 30 days. (Single Grain) Nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. (Google)
  • North Dakota Aerial and Drone Footage in 2019
    March 11, 2019
    We've been flying as a team for well over two years. We've learned a lot along the way.