February 5, 2019

Who is Threefold?

Who is Threefold?

This is a great question.
In fact, it’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot lately in regard to our mission and vision.

It’s important for us to determine who we are and what we aspire to become.

Maybe our About Us section didn’t satisfy your curiosity of who we are.

Or the titles below our names actually made you more confused about what we actually do.

Maybe you already know us, and you just want to know more.

Our team is comprised of five uniquely gifted and driven gentlemen.

Attributes/Characteristics we share in common: wit, grit & good looks. An eye for detail, good times, and the perfect shot.

Our Mission Statement:

Connect people through creation of compelling imagery & storytelling.


Keenan Hauff

Keenan Hauff Headshot

As Co-Founder and business-mind of the Threefold brand, you might see him around downtown enjoying a local brew with friends or at home crafting the perfect cocktail.

You may have seen him in an article featured as one of the 20 under 40 in local business.

He collects house plants. He is a big thinker and has inspired the success of this production company.

On his computer is a post-it note with the words “The most DANGEROUS thing in life is to play it SAFE.” That’s why he recently got married.

Some of his gifts are obvious and everyone can see them. But, his best qualities are much more subtle. We like Keenan. He brings that last thought after everyone else is done thinking.


Caleb Hauff

Caleb Hauff Headshot

If Threefold were a one-man operation, Caleb would be your guy.

He started self-educating in the film production world years before he helped Co-Found Threefold.

He is comfortable behind a camera, editing in the studio, brainstorming, fixing & learning new technology, and is arguably more like-able than others because of his humility.

You’ll find in his house one or more aquariums at any given time, each filled with an array of colorful animals.

Caleb is driven and quiet-natured. He has a heightened sense of purpose and integrity.

First one in, last one out. This makes him a perfect cornerstone for everything that is done at Threefold.


Adam Kempenich

Adam Kempenich Headshot

When we don’t understand why something doesn’t work, Adam usually does.

With intelligence to spare and skills to boot, he handles (among other things) our audio, drone-flying and website/IT/programming. </spanp

It may take some time to really get to know him, but it is worth the investment. In an office full of quick-thinkers, somehow Adam is usually the quickest.

He is also quick to smile and brings a great energy to work.

His propensity to walk or run to work inspires us all to live a little more eco-friendly. And, if there is such a thing, he is a squirrel aficionado.

Did we mention he wears a bow tie to work every day and has a room full of 3d printers? It was an easy decision to add him to the team.


Zach Wentz

Zach Wentz Headshot

Zach is disciplined in his craft.

During the day he sits at his curved editing monitor, carefully choosing the best frames for the project.

After he goes home, he sits at his Peloton bike and puts the same hard work to the pedals.

Zach is an innovator. With experience brought from the West Coast, Zach raises the bar and caliber of our work every day.

His eye is sharper than a scalpel and with hundreds of projects under his belt, he sees what will and will not work.

He gets the job done even if it requires modifying his initial vision.

Zach treats everyone at work like family and even dressed up as a reindeer during Christmas week. Zach is the real deal.


Joel Land

Joel Land Headshot

Joel offers a completely different artistic flavor to Threefold.

He is extremely personable with experience in management and degrees in music performance.

He brings a go-getter attitude every day. In fact, he is willing and able to do anything that needs to be done.

His roommates in college used to call him “Dad” because he assumed responsibility for everyone.

Joel knows how to work hard and have fun. His primary role is keeping everything and everyone on track.

Joel’s creative skill spans many different genres and he has even carved sculptures into old tree trunks using a chainsaw.

We have different work for him here, but he is up for the challenge. If you are interested in working with us, Joel will be your go-to.


We are Threefold.

It is important for us to determine who we are, and what we aspire to become. Tweet This

Now you know a little bit more about us, and we invite you to stay informed! We’re always evolving in pursuit of the best.

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